What to Expect


First Step

During your first consultation with our upper cervical doctor Dr. Holliday, we will assess your situation and determine if it has something to do with posture concerns. In most cases, common symptoms like headaches and neck pain that won’t go away serve as tell-tale signs that you have a cervical subluxation.


Second Step

After checking your medical history and completing the initial assessment, we do a more thorough X-ray scan. This time, we focus our attention on the topmost cervical bones–the C1 and C2 bones. A 3D examination of your neck’s structure allows us to gauge the postural distortion's severity and identify the crucial points that need adjustments.


Third Step

Our cervical doctor can provide you with chiropractic adjustments on your neck using the exact measurements obtained. The process can last from a few days to several weeks, depending on how long the bones have stayed in the wrong position. But, notably, many of our patients shared that their overall well-being significantly improved after their first few appointments with Dr.Holliday. 

We strongly recommend booking your consultation to learn how long it would take to restore your spine’s original curvature. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to restoring postural distortions in the cervical spine.  

Here at Lux Lifestyle Chiropractic, we pay attention to the needs of each patient to ensure that we provide helpful chiropractic adjustments. Our procedure aims to restore balance in the body and improve brain and body communication so you can heal and recover naturally.

Time to work on your health

It’s time you prioritize your health and live a happier and more contented life. Start resolving your symptoms today with the help of Lux Lifestyle Chiropractic. Click the button below or call us at (828) 532-3943 to set your appointment with Dr. Holliday.

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