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Chronic Neck Pain

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Chronic Neck Pain

Disorders of the neck leave somebody unable to perform their duties or even earn a living. The debilitating nature of neck pain can be traced from numerous underlying reasons. If the neck pain symptoms go over than 12 weeks, then it becomes chronic. Although this condition is anatomical or physical, it thus affects other aspects, such as psychological or social. The prolonged pain affects a person’s ability to lead a normal, day-to-day life.

Most common cause of neck pain can be attributed to prolonged sitting in front of the computer or TV, as the muscles get stiff. Poor posture and improper sleeping habits can also cause neck pain and stiff neck. The pain arising from these instances may spread to the shoulders, arms, and head.
Though neck pain may appear a simple pain in the neck may become persistent if not corrected immediately. Chronic neck pain can last longer than you expect, where over-the-counter medications are not the solution to eradicate the pain.

Common causes of neck pain

The following are some of the common causes of neck pain:

What Can You Do?

The onset of your neck pain could be resolved by simple treatments. But our health experts do not recommend self-treatment. Chronic pains are more serious than you thought of. Meet with our providers at True Health and have our staff evaluate your condition.

With chronic neck pain, patients are more concerned about the economic burden such condition may have an effect on them. However, it is more concerning when the history of your neck pain is not studied, it could lead to a more serious illness, or in reverse, your existing pain could have an underlying illness that you have not discovered all these years, that’s why it becomes chronic.

It is time to see your provider when your neck pain does not improve with rest and practical self-care. Experience our rehabilitative and excellent spine care. Call us now for your first appointment.