Chiropractor in Coral Gables Reveals 7 Silent Migraine Facts

November 19, 2023
chiropractor in Coral Gables, migraine relief infographic

Are you aware of the elusive nature of silent migraines? As an experienced Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Coral Gables, Lux Lifestyle Chiropractic understands the challenges these migraines pose. While silent migraines affect only 3-5% of individuals—less common than typical migraines impacting up to 12%—their unique nature makes diagnosis tricky. Delve into this comprehensive guide to uncover valuable information, empowering you to understand this lesser-known but impactful type of migraine headache.

If you are in Coral Gables, you're in luck! Dr. Britany Holliday of Lux Lifestyle Chiropractic is committed to helping people eager to take solid steps toward finding lasting migraine relief with the help of gentle atlas adjustments. Call us at 305-503-5070 to book your appointment.

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